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Activities of the Sabha
The Malhar Utsav

This festival is to mark the celebration of "Varsha Ritu" through a day long music programme wherein eminent artistes of the country choose to sing and play varieties of Malhar prakaar ragas depicting the beauty of the rainy season. This is a unique opportunity for the audience to enjoy di...
All Night Music Mehfill

Gururao Deshpande Sangeet Sabha was established on 1982 , with a purpose to pay homage to the great guru Gururao Deshpande through music concerts.

We felt we should celebrate in the form of All Night Music Mehfil so that a variety of artistes could participate in one continuous programme....
The Dharwad Utsav

DHARWAD- a place in north Karnataka is special.The mere mention of Dharwad reminds us of two things- one, the Dharwad Pheda , the other sweeter than the Pheda, music and literature. Gururao Deshpande Sangeet Sabha felt that the name Dharwad should receive full recognition and be remembered worldwide...
Monthly Baithak

That apart, the Sabha is organizing a monthly Baithak. Following the concert, the young artistes are critiqued and guided on the spot by none other than Pt. Vinayak Torvi. Sabha also organises youth festivals to encourage young budding artistes.
Lecture cum demondtrations

The Sabha has also taken keen interest in organizing lecture cum demonstrations, workshops and get together etc., senior musicians and musicologists like Pt.Yeshwnt Bua Joshi, Pt.L K Pandit, Pt.Bala Saheb Poochavale, Pt.Rameshn Gangolli, Pt. Sharad Sathe to name a few conducted week long lec-dems on...
Felicitation to senior musicians

Sabha takes pride in felicitating senior musicians , musicologists, music critics, music connoisseurs and music gurus for their dedicated service to the music field. Pt.Narayan Rao Mujumdar, Sri Gajanana yaji , Sri Kattige Bhat, Sri G R Mulki, Pt. Kamalakar Bhat, Pt. D B Harindra, Smt Lalitha Ubhayk...
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